What are Nails Designs?

You’ve probably seen videos shared on Facebook of intricate starry patterns and 3D designs with studs and rhinestones. This is nail art – a new creative way of decorating nails. More than simply applying a single coat of red varnish, nail art is all about making a statement. There are innovators out there on Tumblr and Instagram constantly coming up with new wacky and fun designs. But there are also a number of designs that have started to stick, resulting in celebrities and models adopting them.

History of Nails Designs

Nails designs may seem like a recent phenomenon born out of the rise of social media. Whilst the internet has certainly helped to create a rise in popularity, nails designs has in fact been around for centuries. The Ancient Chinese are thought to have started the trend 5000 years ago, using enamel to create a pink finish on their nails. The Ancient Egyptian meanwhile wore various colours made from henna (not quite as effective as today’s products). The colour would signify your class – the lower class would wear neutral and pastel colours, whilst the upper class wore deep shades of red.
Women in the Western world only began commonly painting their nails in the 1800s. The first manicure parlours opened in the 1830s where women of noble class would go to get their fingernails professionally polished.
Since then, there have been multiple experimentations with nails designs, helped by the constant and rapid invention of new beauty products. Only in the last decade has nail art reached a mainstream audience with most quirky designs previously reserved to a handful of quirky fashionistas.

What Are the Latest Trends in Nails Designs?

Whilst in previous decades it was largely single trends, nails designs is now extremely diverse. Part of the fun of it is experimenting and seeing what you can come up with. However, for those easing their way into nails designs, there are some more popular trends that could be worth starting out with:

70s Stripes

Colour blocking is a big trend in modern nails designs. It involves using different-coloured stripes and geometric designs. For a retro touch, 70s stripes are a good place to start. These involve using bright vibrant hues such as yellows, baby blues, browns and greens. Think of a stripy seventies sweater and apply this designs to your nails (such designs can in fact look great with a stripy rainbow sweater if you’ve got the confidence to pull off such an outfit).

Black accents

The all-black nail look might be a little too gothic for some people. This is where black accents come into play. A black dot or black line can give you that touch of rock chick attitude whilst allowing you to offset it with another colour or texture. Black and glossy pink can give off a great ying and yang effect. Black lines can also be complemented with primary colours.

Winter metallic

Metallic manicures are perfect for winter. A metallic overlay such as a platinum polish can work great over many colours. This could be a rose-gold or a cool silver contrasted with a pink or nude polish. Consider strips and spots and other accents.

Doing Nails Easily At Home

There are also now many hacks thanks to new products on the market. As already mentioned, nail wraps have made many complex designs easy to apply. There are also more specific brushes and dyes than ever before to help with certain patterns. Looking up hacks on blogs will make nails designs faster and easier. For example, fan brushes can be great for creating a stripy water effect, whilst tape can be used as a stencil for creating precise lines and patterns.
Most nails designs accessories such as brushes and varnishes are also surprisingly cheap providing that you’re not obsessed with top end brands. Whilst the likes of Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel dries quickly and provides a shiny finish unlike any other brand, few people would agree that it’s worth the 21,000 dollar price tag. Mid-range options may be less than a hundred dollars, but quite often many of these are only worth buying if you’re a nail art pro.

Those getting into nail patterning should first experiment with basic store brands – unless you hang out with beauticians, few people are really going to criticise you for your choices. Developing the manicuring skills is more important and this can be done for free off the web.

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NailsDesigns.org - August 31, 2017